About Misuse

Patients & ADHD Prescription (Rx) Stimulant Medication Misuse

Many college students don’t see ADHD prescription (Rx) misuse as harmful. Learning more about ADHD Rx misuse is the first step toward prevention.

The facts below can help, most of which are derived from a 2014 national online survey of 2,056 US college students that examined perceptions about ADHD prescription stimulant misuse, abuse and diversion. Among that group, 164 were diagnosed with ADHD.

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Consequences &

How misuse may affect patients

Students may not be aware of the legal, academic and medical consequences of ADHD prescription (Rx) stimulant medication misuse, or the consequences of trivializing a real psychiatric disorder.



Consequences and Misperceptions Infographic
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The Reality of ADHD

ADHD is a real neurobehavioral disorder. When students give away their medication or take medication that’s not their own, they’re trivializing the disorder.

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Helpful Information About Misusers

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Say Something Now

Speak out by printing a poster
to hang where patients will see

As a physician, you have a unique opportunity to talk to college-aged patients about ADHD prescription stimulant medication misuse, abuse and diversion.

Choose from one of our prewritten posters, or scroll through to write your own.

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Your Prescription

We created these helpful handouts for your college-aged patients, both with and without ADHD. Simply download and print them, and together we can help prevent ADHD prescription stimulant medication misuse on campus.

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